Kendriya Vidyalaya | केन्द्रीय विद्यालय
Mahasamund, CG
An autonomous body under MHRD , govt of India
CBSE Affiliated
Kendriya Vidyalaya Mahasamund got 100% in CBSE 2016 examination in class XII and X both
Important Downloads...
Title Category Size (KB) Extension  
Revised Time Table for SA 2 class VI to XI 2016-17 Academic 384 jpg  Download
FIRM REGISTRATION 2017-2018 PAGE 2 Download Here 168 pdf  Download
FIRM REGISTRATION PAGE 1 2017-2018 Download Here 16 docx  Download
Contractual Teacher Vacancy Advertisement 2017-18 Academic 296 jpg  Download
LIST OF HOLIDAYS FOR THE SESSION 2017-2018 (JAN 2017 TO DEC 2017) Download Here 263 pdf  Download
Library News Letter Nov 2016 select 1955 pdf  Download
Time Table First Pre Board Class XII Download Here 211 jpg  Download
RESULT CLASS X 2015-2016 Download Here 22 docx  Download
ANNUAL CALENDER 2016-17 Download Here 27 xlsx  Download
CMP News Letter 1st Edition (April-August 2016) Academic 2292 pdf  Download
CMP Workshop Academic 6412 pdf  Download
Details of Handball Girls Download Here 12 xlsx  Download
Form for Firm registration for the session 2016-2017 Download Here 168 pdf  Download
Details of Firm Registration 2016-2017 Advertisement Details 559 pdf  Download
Notification Regarding firm registration select 29 docx  Download
SA II Time Table for Class III-V 2015-16 Download Here 92 jpg  Download
Tender for conservancy staff 2016-17 Download Here 319 jpg  Download
List of Holidays for year 2016 select 612 jpeg  Download
MATHS HOTS FOR CLASS XII (WORD FILE) Download Here 794 docx  Download
MATHS HOTS FOR CLASS XII Download Here 1897 pdf  Download
FA 3 Exam Time Table for class III to V select 67 jpg  Download
Time Table First Pre Board Class XII select 220 jpg  Download
Class XI Computer Science Remaining notes Download Here 63 docx  Download
HTML Notes for Class VII & IX Download Here 25 docx  Download
Half yearly 2015-16 time table class XI select 384 jpg  Download
Strategies for Board Classess Download Here 18 docx  Download
5 period Time table for class XII Download Here 12 docx  Download
Holiday Homework Science Class IX Academic 22 docx  Download
PROFORMA A FOR INSPECTION Download Here 26 docx  Download
FAQ_UBI_FEE COLLECTION Download Here 33 docx  Download
ppt_ubi_training Download Here 2210 ppt  Download
Revised SA-1 Time Table for Class III to V select 252 pdf  Download
CMP Calender Activity Primary 2015-16 Download Here 224 pdf  Download
SA-1 Time Table for Class VI to X Download Here 381 pdf  Download
Format for Games ELIGIBILITY Download Here 27 docx  Download
18_Highlights of changes in the curriculum 2015-16 Download Here 1060 pdf  Download
Annual Report of Library,April-March 2014-15 Download Here 1596 pdf  Download
Committee 2015-16 Academic 351 pdf  Download
PERFORMA FOR UBI FEE COLLECTION Download Here 13 xlsx  Download
New instructions for Latest CCE Automation Software Download Here 15 docx  Download
Latest CCE Automation Software Class IX-X Download Here 2603 xlsx  Download
Latest CCE Automation Software Class VI-VIII Download Here 1835 xlsx  Download
Career Path Finder (For Pass-Out Students) Examination 2014 430 pdf  Download
Examination 2012 30 doc  Download
Admission Guidelines download 694 doc  Download
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